Tournament of Champions 1! Sarah Malone, Matt Acevedo, David Armstrong

October 9, 2017

Things are heating up! 3 past winners come back in a fight for the finale. David, Sarah, and Matt go head to head to head in games like Tiny Price is Right, Worst Family Feud Answer, and Don't F*** Up! Follow the show @TinyMoneyPod on twitter, instagram, and facebook.


Episode 6! The Party Episode: Sarah Malone, Iain Lampert, and Alice Whatley

September 25, 2017

In this episode Sarah, Iain, and Alice get down to some party trivia with games like the 2017 Slang Spelling Bee, TV Ad Movie Spinoffs, and many more! Follow the show @TinyMoneyPod on twitter, facebook, and instagram or email us at


Episode 5! Beowulf Jones, Belle Adams, Cassie Worrell

September 4, 2017

In Episode 5, Beowulf Jones, Belle Adams, and Cassie Worrell are put to the test in games such as How Does This Youtube Video End, Dead President Tweets, and Don't F*** Up! The contestants also learn of a brave man who overcame the odds to climb Mt. Everest. Follow the show @TinyMoneyPod on twitter, facebook, and instagram or give us an email at


Episode 4! Sarah Wright, Gordy Fitzgerald, Patrick Hallahan

August 21, 2017

In Episode 4, contestants Gordy, Sarah, and Patrick attempt to describe celebrities while wearing a speech jammer, see if they can tell the difference between a GOP Senator and a Movie Villain, and everybodies favorite, Name That Tune But Also Name The Tune That The Lyrics Comes From returns! Follow the show on twitter, facebook and instagram @TinyMoneyPod


[Mini-Episode 3.5] Test Dummies with Mico and Miko!

August 7, 2017

Brendan sits down with Mico Ramos and Miko Vespremi to test out the questions for the Comic Con episode of Tiny Money! Follow the show @TinyMoneyPod on twitter, instagram, and facebook and send us an email at


Episode 3! Comic Con Spectacular with David Armstrong, Chanel Mize, and Alec Sobejana

July 31, 2017

In the first ever Comic Con episode we head to San Diego and quiz David Armstrong, Chanel Mize, and Alec Sobejana in all things Comic Con: comics, popculture, movies, San Diego, and more. Games include Ok Mutant, Movie Sequel Pitches, and 5 in 10. Follow us on instagram, twitter, and facebook @TinyMoneyPod.


[Mini Episode 2.5] Test Dummies with Lindsay Lleras!

July 24, 2017

In this episode Brendan has a difficult time pronouncing Lindsay's last name as she works through some of the questions asked in Episode 2 of Tiny Money. Follow the show @TinyMoneyPod on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Want to contact the show? We have email!


Episode 2! Joshua Matthew Peters, Meridith McNeill, Dewie Sherwood

July 17, 2017

In Episode 2, Josh Peters, Meridith McNeill and Dewie Sherwood compete in such games as Modern Movie Shakespeare Monologues, Monster Mashup Fashion, and a FAKE NEWS edition of our final showdown! If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate, review, on iTunes and follow us on Twitter/Instagram at @TinyMoneyPod. 


[Mini Episode 1.5] Test Dummies with Meridith McNeill!

July 10, 2017

[Recorded before Episode 1] In this episode Meridith McNeill(How Was Camp? Podcast) stopped by to help test out the questions featured in Episode 1 of Tiny Money.


Episode 1! Matt Acevedo, Lindsay Lleras, Jeff Thomson

July 3, 2017

In the inaugural episode of Tiny Money, Matt Acevedo, Lindsay Lieras, and Jeff Thomson go head to head with games such as 'Memba That Movie?, 5 in 10, and Brendan shows off his incredible singing talent in "Name that Tune! But Also Name the Tune That The Music Comes From."